Who are we?

AeroSys Trading Technologies specialize in the development of automated trading algorithms and tools for automated trading and research.  We consult to external personal and commercial fund clients on development of trading algorithms and tools as well as running our own systems live in the FX Cash market.  Our specialty is in developments in Ninja Trader, Meta Trader and GUI/user interface and data conversion tools.

We are experts in back-testing, optimization and live deployment and have helped many clients not only computerize their systems, but make improvements to profitability and draw down with our proprietary money management strategies that we can offer clients.  

We are highly experienced in C#, C and Matlab to name a few specific languages.  Our trading algorithms run with direct API acces to ECN networks (eg: FIX), Ninja Trader and MT4.

People and Projects

Dr Daniel Fitzgerald is the Director of AeroSys and is involved with all projects undertaken by the company.  His background is as an Aerospace Avionics Engineer with a PhD in artificial intelligence and automated systems. The PhD focused on artificial intelligence algorithms (Neural Networks and advanced automated pattern recognition) that he has since used effectively along with other advanced techniques for financial markets.

This background allowed Dr Fitzgerald to transition into the financial markets domain in the mid 2000s, conducting significant R&D through his company AeroSys into novel algorithms for financial markets.   In more recent years AeroSys has also assisted many clients with their own trading software.

We currently have several of our automated algorithms running on our servers in New York.

"Daniel Fitzgerald is an extremely talented and highly professional software engineer.

He is trustworthy, dedicated and extremely thorough. Simply put he is everything you could want to have your system developed to a professional gold standard."

George Sayers – Technical Strategist/Proprietary Trader Societe Generale Australia 1993-2008. Private Trader 2008-present.

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